weekly roundup

I just finished reading this. It's the best book I've ever read. I'm so in love with it that I don't even know if I can properly talk about it. It's everything I love about writing, and everything I love about reading. If I say any more than that I'll never stop. Tom Robbins, where have you been all my life?


I've been obsessed with the architect Daniel Libeskind since I visited his Jewish Museum in Berlin in 2004. Coincidentally, he designed the Denver Art Museum a few years ago. So I was terribly delighted to find that he was featured in Design Milk's Friday Five this past week. I love you, DL. You're my Howard Roark.

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A big part of recovery is working to change my relationship with food. I just found out about this biannual magazine called Cherry Bombe that features stories about women and food. It's curators and editors are passionate about design, which is so perfect because design is such a positive force in my life. I know I will benefit from associating food with creativity and beauty. Can't wait for my first subscription.


Pentatonix released their third album this past week. There are a lot more original songs on this one and I'm already so into it. My favorite song is "On My Way Home," which the band discusses here and can be heard here. Absolutely love these guys.

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I heard two Rosh Hashanah sermons this week, from two different rabbis at two different synagogues. Both talked about Israel, Zionism, and anti-semitism. Later I talked to a close friend about how torn I am. There is so much bias and so much propaganda infiltrating available information, from both sides of the conflict, that I'm not even sure what I really know anymore. And I realized that to be an American Jew in this day in age is to have a very complicated, very strained relationship with Israel. If anyone has any resources discussing this specific topic, please let me know.