put a ring on it

Tragically, I seem to always lose my favorite rings. The heart ring my grandma bought me in Steamboat, my matching friendship ring that my best friend and I bought together in San Francisco, a beautiful gemstone ring I got for my Bat Mitzvah. Now that I think back on it, my luck with rings is downright devastating. And now I find myself, again, sans ring. Luckily this most recent ring I misplaced didn't have too much sentimental value. But I feel super naked without anything on my right ring finger, so I have been doing some online snooping. I mean shopping. Here are some top picks.

1. rose gold spiral from fascinating diamonds, on pinterest
2. recycled sterling silver and gold stacking rings by the bead girl
3. sterling silver nest heart ring by rachel pfeffer designs
4. antiqued sterling silver pearl ring by wwc silver jewelry
5. beech wood and stainless steel by agate christina
6. sterling silver stacking rings by marren jewelry
7. skinny stacking ring set by lichen and lychee