i love you pentatonix

One really good thing to come out of my YouTube exploits (among many things, thank you very much) is that I discovered Pentatonix. The first time I watched one of their videos it was their Little Drummer Boy cover, which is cute considering their repertoire. They did a whole Christmas album last year, but what they're most famous for is taking a cappella to a whole new place, away from college campuses and concert halls. Their five voices are so powerful that you definitely won't miss instruments. They combine choreography, unique voice percussion and quirkiness with what Shawn Stockman calls "musical drama" to blow your socks off. My favorite covers are Radioactive, Royals, Can't Hold Us and Gagnam Style. Ahhh I just can't get enough of that shit.

A few months ago I watched all of their performances from when they were on The Sing-off, a TV show that awards one winning group with $200K and a record deal. Needless to say they won, and not only that, but they seriously killed it. It's a harrowing, emotional and ultimately triumphant saga -- they were given a new song to perform on each episode and every single time it's incredible to see what they create. By far the best thing they did, in my opinion, was make Florence and the Machine's Dog Days Are Over even better than it was already. When I first watched this performance, I cried. 

And as if that wasn't enough, Scott and Mitch have their own YouTube channel called Superfruit on which they are hilarious. And I literally cannot handle it.

(Mitch and/or Scott, if you ever read this can I please haz a free Sup3rfruit t-shirt, please?? I can't afford it but I neeeed it. Thank you. I love you.)