kale dumpling soup

For a while it seemed that spring had come early to Davis, but for some reason today was super chilly. I think California is just straight up confused, probably because of her extreme dehydration. So I decided to honor the cozy weather by making a yummy soup. 

Most of my meals are prepared using my staple ingredients and whatever produce I happen to choose each week, so it's a special occasion when I make something elaborate using a recipe. The process wouldn't be so much fun if it didn't begin with a lovely drive to the co-op listening to music in my car, meandering around the grocery store as I love to do, and the lovely drive home. Also tonight I had the kitchen to myself, which is the best. It necessarily involves music and dance-cooking.

I ended up making soup with kale, white beans, soy sausage, onions, garlic, and homemade dumplings. I used this recipe for the dumplings and this recipe for the soup itself, but with some variations. I substituted dumplings for potatoes, vegetable stock for water and soy sausage for kielbasa. The best part was that I got chipotle flavored soy sausage not realizing how much the flavor would seep into the soup, and it made the soup nice and spicy, which was a wonderful twist of fate. My dumplings were a bit more dense than I would have liked, but they were my first ever dumplings so I feel okay about that. All in all a successful dins!