10 things i have learned so far

  1. To be vulnerable, wear your heart on your sleeve, and feel things. Vulnerability makes connections more than anything else does. And feeling, regardless of whether it’s joy or sadness, is the greatest gift we have, because it means we’re alive.
  2. To take quiet moments of reflection, moments of awe and wonderment, and moments of humility. Take these moments both in solitude and with others.
  3. To trust and believe in the best in every person, no matter who it is. If someone hurts you, pray that they may one day find happiness. If someone breaks your trust, seek vengeance by trusting others even more. Believing the best in others cultivates more love in the world.
  4. To periodically reflect on what in your life is serving you, and what isn’t. Hold tightly to the things that serve you, let go of the things that don’t, no matter how familiar they are.
  5. To remember that you are human. Humans make mistakes, and this doesn’t make them bad people. Be gentle with yourself. Congratulate yourself for all the times you have been a good person, and all of the times you have forgiven others for their human mistakes.
  6. To nurture your relationships. When you genuinely give love to others, you will genuinely get it back. Likewise, when you put positive energy into the universe, positive energy flows back to you.
  7. To practice gratitude. Nothing is more powerful than a life both fueled and humbled by a daily reflection on gratitude.
  8. To remember that any relationship with another human being hangs in the balance between how much love you give to someone else and how much love you give to yourself.
  9. To take responsibility for yourself. Nothing is more empowering than realizing you are in charge of yourself, and that only you can fight for your own life. Taking responsibility for yourself allows those around you to do so, as well.
  10. To follow your dreams. With focus, determination and strength, no dream is out of reach. There is no excuse to not live your life doing what makes you happy.
  11. To be the source. Be an endless source of love, compassion and joy that flows in a continuum from you to others and back to you, constantly refilling as it empties, so that your well never runs dry.

Here's to many more years of learning.